From the recording The Way I Feel

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"Charlie Smyth earns George Jones comparisons the honest way on forthcoming solo release The Way I Feel.
Smyth discovered the song [The Cold Hard Truth] through Jones’ version, finding its themes of selfishness and shortsightedness painfully relatable. “I imagine that most people have felt that way at some time, which is probably why George thought it was compelling enough to re-cut and why it got under my skin,” he says. “I’ve been surprised at how often people are unfamiliar with the song as to me it has always had the feel of a classic. I can only hope I’ve done it some justice in my recording.”

In Smyth’s version, his wife Kalee’s backup vocals are placed on an even level with Smyth’s voice in the mix, turning the chorus into an empathetic duet.

“This gives a voice to the people we hurt when we make those selfish bad decisions,” he says. “It takes away a little bit of the ‘I’ve done wrong’ sense of martyrdom that sometimes can make a confessional song see self-serving. The song is a confessional though written from the perspective of an omniscient accuser. The decision to bring her vocal more forward in the mix occurred during the recording process and was one of those in-studio choices that I feel helped strengthen the purpose of the song.” - Wide Open Country

"This time joining forces with an angelic female voice, the two artists deliver one of our favorite collaborations to date. It’s exciting and the melodies really pull you into the song. We’re positive this will get stuck in your head and leave you wanting more." - Keep Walking Music